Add your tiny letter to the Sefer Torah Haklali and bring tremendous security and protection to a world filled with chaos.

Even if you already have a letter, you should get another one. In 5745 the Rebbe encouraged those who had already secured letters for themselves and their families to participate in the upcoming Sefer Torah as well, noting that it only adds to the protection that a Sefer Torah Klali brings both to the participants and the world.

Finishing the Ninth Unity Sefer Torah In Merit Jews of Ukraine

Out of 304,805 letters currently acquired in the Sefer Torah
40% of the goal

Submit your Hebrew name, along with your mother’s Hebrew name, to have a letter written in the Unity Sefer Torah just for you!

You decide the amount of payment!

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אסתר אביגיל סואד
גילה חנה סואד
גבריאל סילבערמאן
פריידע יהודית סילבערמאן
בראנע חנה סילבערמאן
בת שבע סילבערמאן
מלכה סילבערמאן
Mariana Trilnik
שאול יצחק בסול
אסתר מלכה ג'ברא
Yamila Torrado
Claudio Fermín Torrado
Sara Betina Birnbach
Dora Albagli
Isaac Claudio Dabul
Mijael Mancovsky
Dan klein
Nurit sacalovich
Efraim Leiv ludman
David abramovich
Sara Rebeca kalierde
Eitan chocler
ieohua palacio
Janan Grosman
Gabriel grosman
nahir passeri
Matias dos santos
Adamit Dos Santos
iejezkel Akkabuy
josefina monserrate
rosa haniyar
jaia rajel briamonte
miriam fainstein
Dobe bernsteinas
Adi grosman
shoshana kreserman
jaim Fishel Kreserman
Magali dergman
Yael Dergman
debora vainroj
Tobias Papalardo
David Nisim Muhafra
José Zaidemberg
אהרן פלאטקא

Jabad Argentina

חב”ד דוברי צרפתית בית שמש

ישי”ג אור יהודה

בית חב”ד קריות

Mivtzoim Boro Park

בית חב”ד בית שמש


כיכר ציון

קבוצה י”א ישיבת קיץ ה’תשפ”ב


A Jew sees the Torah as the source of light; the stability of the world. The Lubavitcher Rebbe, who generally refrained from engaging in segulot (protective rituals), nevertheless recommended acquiring letters in the Unity Sefer Torah as a protective measure during times of great hardship.